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GD AT Chrome hearts party ~~~
[PHOTOS] GDYB Shinsegae Chrome Hearts Party! http:// -gdyb-shinsegae-chrome-hearts.html   … bigbang
OMG!!! GD&YB at Chrome Hearts new store   cr via Sona
YB and GD !!!! chromehearts !!!
GD arrived in Chrome Hearts party! RT .kristinekwak: 지용
เริ่ดได้อีกอ่ะ จียง Chrome Hearts new store ที่ Shinsegae" cr on pic via Jacly
[PICT] 130529 GD arrived at Chrome Hearts party 11 (cr: on pic) *what&39;s he wearing? =D
[PHOTOS] GDYB for Chrome Hearts Photography by Laurie Lynn Stark http://  
[INFO] There is a VIP Party at Chrome Hearts Shinsegae with 2NE1, GD and YB in attendance! ^^
DJ TOP! Will perform in tonight Chrome hearts privet party! ~ yeah lol
there&39;s a private party at Chrome Hearts in Shinsegae Department Store tonight. Only VIP guests invited! i think GDYB will prob go kk
[PHOTOS] 2NE1 gallery at Chrome Hearts in Shinsegae Mall http://  
G.D × chromehearts HQ
RT mystifize : GDYB picture inside the newly opened Chrome Hearts store in Korea (cr pic)
RT mystifize : GD x Chrome Hearts pic! WOW!!! (cr kristinekwak )
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