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Summer is mint green and Tiffany comes to mind, but the necklaces and cups and boxes I bought didn't come back to China and they didn't look great.

The only green bracelet is the chrome hearts Turquoise bracelet. Firepower has brought it with it, but I don't think it's the same type as him.

Masimo dutti, a Spanish clothing brand, stumbled across a very casual style while shopping at West Red Gate yesterday, and Maewell looked more like me

Chrome hearts leather rope for old punk feel Bracelet super cool

Turquoise is very beautiful and looks good with other bracelets. Three beads plus a cross.

I especially like the new chrome hearts bracelet. Summer Joker! The silk scarf was bought by my mother-in-law from France. She never wore it to me. It was nice to match the warm weather, especially the skin color! For the first time, the little red book could not sleep in the middle of the night.

It's also a fan. Gifts for myself. There is also a bracelet and necklace not yet arrived. Chrome hearts. The price is quite expensive. But it looks good. temperament

Mind to buy chrome hearts bracelets, have faith in the cross, so choose a small pendant with a cross. It should be garnet, which can be carried at ordinary times. Low profile gorgeous.

I wish you all the right people, and everyone will be happy.

Full zircon inlay, front and back sapphire mirror, Santoni crocodile skin with chrome hearts Sterling Silver Skull P accessories, conscience gifts, GaGaGa Milano want to crash?! Keep dreaming.

Today's story is called "the chain hands will not move."

She is working at Pandora.

After lunch, I happened to go over to my aunt to talk about a class.

The result is the jewelry store.

The whole human eye is not enough.

Finally, I did not choose Minnie's pendant bracelet.

The original two circles of the rope were just three circles.

The funny thing is, after finding something on his hand, he found something.

Take the elevator from the jewelry store to the parking lot.

Receive a posture maintained.

It won't move.

It's still pretty. The Turquoise Bracelet is very beautiful on the hand. My hands are too ugly to show.

When I enter Pandora, I can hardly stop. I swear this is the last string.

The cool wind of their own, do not like the shiny and gentle flowers. Like chrome hearts wind

Chains were brought back from Dubai with essences by friends at the beginning of this year. Naked chains must be beaded. Hanging ornaments and birthday stones are all brought back from Australia. They are not too cheap. The rest of the fixed clip of the sun and moon and white beads were matched in HK a few days ago, compared with the domestic discount of 8.5 bar, can be cheaper about 200, see like to enter ah, whether cheap or not cheap

Second chrome hearts bracelet is not red?

You can buy it even if it is red.

It's a little bit cooler than the blue one.

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